Complete Review Of Sony MDRXB50AP “Best Budget Earbud”

Best Budget Earbud, Best Earbuds Under 30 Dollars, Sony MDRXB50AP – Sony is truly the torch bearer of the multimedia industry as it makes state of art devices capable of playing content right from music to videos.

The launch of MDRXB50AP EarBud confirms its long-standing tradition of excellence and quality. A seemingly innocuous product is a bundle of attributes and epitome of engineering excellence of Sony.

What more, it offers amazing sound quality to the users. In short, the one stop solution is out in the market and everybody is curious to know about the bells and whistle located inside it.


Features Of Sony MDRXB50AP –

After opening the pack, you will come across an earphone driver.

It is slightly larger than all other models available in the same price category. In fact, the total length is in the vicinity of 12mm.

Sony has vastly increased the size of the MDRXB50AP drivers partly to increase the frequency range of the sound. Due to a large dimension, more power is required to generate the sound and it results in absolute clarity.

The predecessors of the Sony ear buds sported 9mm, however, the new version is head and shoulders above in terms of quality.

Powerful Bass –

Almost everybody likes bass in the sound. All types of Raps, hip hops, and disco numbers thrive on bass and what better than MDRXB50AP as it plays the music with typical panache.

It comes with Neodymium magnets that have the capability to produce powerful sound. In short, people may not miss their speakers after listening to the MDRXB50AP performance.

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Design is the king –

The product displays contemporary design that can beat the competition hands down. A combination of metallic colored ear buds with black body enhances the appearance of the product.

You can wear the earphones for a very long time and still feel comfortable. People looking to make hands-free calls should utilize the inline mic available with the device.

Not only talking but one can also switch to music depending on the requirement. Press the play and pause button to enjoy the music. A super compact design and a simplistic user interface are the big plusses of the latest offering from Sony.


Smart key is a bonus –

It is a personalized application available for the customers of Sony MDRXB50AP. With the help of the software, you can always select between the volume control and the track control function.

Moreover, the app is available on the play store for free download. People with Android 4.0 smartphones can set the device with easy to read instructions.

Ear buds are not only cool –

Sony has used silicon material to create the ear buds; therefore they are very comfortable for the ears. Even after listening too long hours of music, you would not get bored or feel pain.

The company ensures that the customers only get the best products they are looking for. If you are placing the order, the 3 pieces of silicon buds are shipped to the destination.

Therefore, in the case of wear and tear, you can always have 2 pieces in standby mode.

The diversity of colors –

Quality doesn’t mean that Sony compromises on style. On the contrary, the product is available in three colors to the users.

The cable is also quite long to avoid entanglement with the cord; hence you can easily take it along while going on a journey.

A vast range of frequency –

The ear buds cover a large range of frequencies right from 4 Hz to 24 KHz, hence it imparts huge bass to the music.

One can clearly notice the highs in the sound and enjoy complete clarity even while moving in crowded outdoor locations.

Comparison with others –

The product is top notch when compared to other brands in the similar category. Be it serrated cord, inline mic or comfortable earbuds, Sony deserves a 5-star rating.

The only hitch is the higher cost but who said that quality is cheap. Headphones are also comfortable and they come with the carry pouch.

Conclusion –

Sony is the top business entity supplying quality goods to the users. On every parameter, the product has scored a grading of 10.

For others, it would be quite difficult to compete as Sony MDRXB50AP Earbuds pretty much cover all the bases.

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