Full Review Of Sol Republic Relays Earbud “Complete Buyers Guide’

Sol Republic Relays is one of the best earbuds in the category of Best Earbud Under 50 dollars. So, today we are going to review this earbud here on TrendyMusicReviews. Sol Republic Relays entered the market with the Republic relays ear bud and since then has been created waves due to the impeccable performance of the product.

In fact, the company guarantees that it is best fit for types of occasion right from casual to sporty. By looking at the design, the claim doesn’t appear to be an empty boast because of the compactness and the appearance of the earbuds. So, let’s find out in detail what it is made of.

The attractive package of Sol Republic Relays:

If you are ordering the product, it arrives in a wonderful package. After opening the box you would find soft case along with replacement ear tips.

In addition, company stickers are also present in the mix so that you can paste them on the ear buds and enjoy the appearance of the logo.

Apart from the basic stuff, some extra accessories such as clips are also available to the user. In short, you can’t complain about the absence of any essential item.

Looking at the package, one concludes that the company doesn’t want to leave anything to chance as far as the products are concerned.

Design and amazing quality of this earbud:

Since the ear buds are too small, the design is fairly simple. It is black in color and perfectly fits over the ear. One of the most important components of the product is the free flex ring but all the others parts are similar to other ear buds in the same category.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Sol Republic Relays has introduced products in black, light blue and contrasting white colors. You can select any one of them based on the requirements and specifications.

Rule of the thumb says that opt for bright colors as they add a new dimension to the character.

IOS users can rejoice as they can choose from four color scheme earbuds but Android users might have to be satisfied with the black version for now.

Apple customers can play the three button product for switching between the tracks and the calls.

As far as earbuds are concerned, they are made from plastic however it is quite durable. Even the plug and remote control are created from same stuff however they can last for a very long time.

Probably, the best reason is that the plastic belongs to the high-quality category and delivers sterling performance to the users.

Moreover, the ear buds can seamlessly work even after coming in contact with water and sweat, therefore are rugged and perform well in any condition.

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The comfort of Sol Republic Relays Earbud:

Small size doesn’t mean that the ear buds are uncomfortable. In fact, they are amazing and do not get entangled with the cable wire. You can adorn them and go for hiking and adventurous trips at outdoor locations.

Free flex ring is the primary component of the ear bud that can easily fit over the ears and doesn’t seem to be a burden even while performing other tasks.

The quality of the sound this cool earbud Sol Republic Relays:

 SOL Republic relay offers amazing clarity is sound without any attenuation. It is equipped with a powerful sound engine that works seamlessly and offers high definition sound.

You can hear favorite songs with both high and low modulations without any breakage of signals. In fact, the sound quality of the phone is quite impressive in the product price category.

Comparison with other players:

 The ear bud displays funky and highly ergonomic design. Compared to other brands, it combines all the accessories in one box, therefore customers do not have to source components from third parties.

Quality is second to none if not better than the other products. In terms of comfort, SOL Republic races ahead of its rivals.


Since its launch, the ear buds have been captivating the imagination of the people with wonderful output both from the multimedia device and the phone.

You can plug the bud into the ear without bothering about the length of the attached cable. It is so comfortable that the Sol Republic Relays almost feels like the part of the outdoor kit and if you are not listening to music.

The ear buds can always be placed safely in the soft case located in the box. You can also keep it in the pocket and carry from one place to another. We always review trendy product on our site, so to get the latest trendy product’s review, stay in touch with TrendyMusicReviews.com.

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