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Top 6 Sexiest USB DAc Under $200 

I found lots of people who are confused while choosing Best USB DAC under 200, and if you are one of them then don’t worry today I cover this topic in a very easy way, so you don’t find any issue.

Choosing the Best USB DAC is not a joke, especially when it comes for professional sound creators, so if you are new to this industry then TrendyMusicReview experts will help you in that…

And today I am here to explain about Top 5 Best DAC under $200, so this list will be pocket-friendly for you and you will get perfect choice for your musical journey.

In the today’s world, there are plenty of websites which provide USB DACs and telling you this is best and that is best, but it’s important to choose the right product for you because as I already said it’s not a joke.

Today I have created a list of Top Best USB DAC under 200 Dollars just for our lovely audience.

Let's Have A Look At These Sexiest USB DACS 🙂

#6. Audioquest Dragonfly 2.1V

Here I am going to share with you an upgraded version  Audioquest Dragonfly 2.1v which is an upgraded version of famousAudioquest Dragonfly v1.2 so guys, you can now switch with updated DAC from Audioquest.

Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC

This product is idol DAC for those, who want to grab portable USB DAC for their music creations.

How much can you grab from this product at this price? Because it provides high-class quality in this price range of under $200 bucks and minds you guys, it comes in a shape of regular pen drive so you can take it anywhere.

Guys, why this product is on the list of best USB DAC under $200 dollars, because on all the buyers give 4.5/5 star rating to this product, so you can also trust on this product, and this small pen drive looking device can give you excellent quality sound to your regular headphones, Desktop Speakers and Studio equipment’s.

This small USB DAC can power up high impedance headphones such as Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro, or another choice could be Sennheiser HD 650.

Audioquest Dragonfly v1.5 comes with the carry pouch for better life and safety of this product.

Best of Audioquest Dragonfly v1.5

With this USB DAC, you can Play everything from MP3s to 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution files

It is a ​32-bit ESS 9010 Sabre DAC, that can give you the real power of sound.

It is the only USB DAC at a cheap price, that is ​Offering tremendously enhanced sound, higher value, and significantly lower power consumption than the original award-winning DragonFly

If you are looking for real sound which you will never get on normal headphones or earbuds then this product will be best choice for you, start using it and see the change in your musical journey and Hey! Don’t forget to thank me later. 🙂

#5. JDS Labs ODAC

In the past time, Some products come in the market of music, and that product covers all the market with smiling faces of each member of a music industry.

JDS Labs ODAC is one them, so let’s know more about this product.

Well, JDS Labs isn’t produced by ODAC (Objective Digital Analog Converter). It uses an open-source design which was designed by NwAvGuy who is familiar with his words “You don’t need a $1000 DAC for Great Sound”.

So if a product creator said this line for this, then based on other factors too, this product should be on this list So, I have added this for you.

There is one story about NwAvGuy disappearing suddenly, and you can read the full story here.

So let’s back to the product, guys let me tell you one good news too…

This is awesome product extremely portable and easy to handle while traveling for music concerts. However not as portable as the above-listed product, but this can be fit in your pocket without any hustle.

It was weighing only 2 ounces, and it is an USB functionality and has headphone port as well.

This DAC can be used with all OS such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux system.

The makers of this product provide external rubber feets with ODAC USB DAC so that you will get the best grip on this product.

“If you are looking for excellent audio quality at small bucks and don’t care about looks as you will use on your desk or for travelling, then go for JDS Labs ODAC”.

#4. Micca Origen+

Micca is not popular yet for its DAC systems. However, I can assure you that this is insane brand quality regarding electronic products such as USB DAC, and this brand is insanely popular for the budget bookshelf speaker, I am talking about this Micca MB42 (Just Check out the Reviews and Star Ratings.

Micca Origen+

These days, this brand becomes famous for the excellent audio products available at very pocket-friendly prices. And the DAC I am here to share with you is one of the best products in the audio segment from this company.

Micca Origen+ DAC is closely around $100 bucks, It looks like a mini bomb to me, when I first time check this out but when I look at the quality guys, let me tell you it is awesome, even when me and my music lover friends share some knowledge about music products this one will always take place in our conversation.

Shh… Now let’s talk about the product, not me :p this DAC is listed in those very few DACs which comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and 6.3mm audio jack, so you are in best position if you grab this for your collection.

Micca Origen+

It comes in very sober look with steel chassis and aluminum plate on the DAC and minds you guys, and this product has built with such a superior quality.

On the front, You will get two headphone jacks already told you about this above, and it also has toggle switches to change the mode from Headphone to SPDIF.

The only thing I don’t like is it has a vast and bulky volume knob to change the frequencies, and it works as indicator lights to indicate the audio signal that passes through the DAC.

For a perfect audio setup in a pocket friendly price, Micca Origen+ is idol choice for every user, it comes with solid and long life hardware so it will last with you so many years.

#3. Meridian Explorer

As I already share with you that Audioquest Dragonfly v1.5 is the king in portability but if you if, you are looking for ultra-portable USB DAC under $200 bucks with premium quality and which can be easily fit in your pocket.

Meridian Explorer

It provides high-resolution audio, so now you can think about it that it is the excellent choice for anyone.

Now let me share some factors of the brand

Meridian is one of the top notches, and premium British Audio Brand is known for premium digital to analog converters.

Meridian always focuses on quality first, so this DAC comes with slick and decent design, easy to access too.

It comes with the oval design which surely gives you a better grip while holding it and it looks cool on a desk too.

Meridian Explorer


  • Headphone Output
  • Optical Output Port
  • Micro USB input
  • Slick and Oval design
  • Three Indicator Lights
  • Supports (44kHz to 48kHz, 88kHz to 96kHz and 176kHz to 192kHz)
  • 8 Ounces

Find out more about this product in the video below 🙂

If you are traveler and want to grab a product which enhance your music setup quality while travelling then Meridian Explorer is a perfect fit, give it a try and thank me later.

#2. Creative Sound Blaster E5

Are you looking for ultimate audio quality in the pocket-friendly budget?

Then Creative Sound Blaster E5 is your need to satisfy you.

Creative Sound Blaster E5

It is also a portable 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC which provides amplified sound for your devices and headphones too.

You should check Creative Sound Blaster E5 Features Right Now:

  • Twin Headphone Jacks
  • Handy Volume Knob
  • NFC Pairing Compatibility
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • SBX Button
  • Optical Line in
  • Optical Line out
  • USB Host
  • Micro-USB Port

Isn’t it great, that an USB DAC has this much features at a pocket-friendly price?

Creative Sound Blaster E5

If you have little bit knowledge about Music Equipment’s, then you guys have the idea about how real CREATIVE is when we were thinking about music equipment.

Gain Switch gain toggles from 5dB to 15dB with headphones. You should check out a full review here to know more.

“So this product will comes with Matte Finish body and rubberized base, Creative Sound Blaster E5 is for you if you want rich sound and all-in-one USB DAC under $200 bucks only.”

#1.Nuforce uDAC5

This USB DAC comes with fully metal body construction, and you can say it is one the strongest DAC in the list and don’t worry it is not a giant one and mind you guys it is minuscule in size, you can compare it in size with Zippo Lighter.

Nuforce uDAC3

The package contains only DAC and a basic USB cable. When you open the box, you might think that it should cover in under $50 category, but when you switch your mode to listen to music with this, then you understand why it is listed for under $200 bucks.

It supports 24bits/384kHz PCM audio, and it can power up headphones with an impedance of 300 Ohms.

Nuforce uDAC3

“It should be on your desk to enhance your computer performance in sound section, you should check the ratings on to make a choice to buy this Best USB DAC.”


Entire USB DAC is looking decent and sober and comes in three colors variants: Black, Silver, Red and Gold. You can check here.

My choice is RED for this USB DAC.

On the front, DAC has the BIG knob which looks bulky sometimes. You can connect Nuforce uDAC5 with micro-USB to your computer.


So, Guys, This is the list I want to share with you all. All best USB DAC under 200 listed products are checked by experts so that you can trust my choices.

I hope your queries about Best USB DAC is now clear and you find the best choice for you.

If you still have any doubt about Best USB DAC, then you can drop your queries or feedbacks in the comment section below.

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