Best Earbuds Under $30 ( 2017 ) | Top 7 Handpicked Cheap Earbuds Under $30

Best Earbuds Under 30

Best Earbuds Under 30

Best Earbuds Under 30 – Once again welcome here on my blog. Today, I gonna share this best review of top 7 handpicked earbuds. That I am going to review with my personal experience. 

As I also mentioned in my previous article. That, I always prefer the quality and brand at a good and affordable price. 

Because, I care for your money, and I respect your time. So, if you came here on my blog, then it’s my duty to provide you the genuine and real information. 

So, let’s have a look at this amazing review of top 7 hand picked best earbuds under 30 dollars.

Don’t you think, a smartphone, or a music player are not enough to feel the real music and real beats. So, my dear readers, today, I gonna share something special for all of you.

If the $30 product will get breaks down or lost by mistake, then I think no one will even mind because we spend a lot of bucks on music related products.

We all are aware of that music products are not cheap at all, for example, Gibson Guitars are not affordable for everyone.

But if you want to enjoy the music, then cheap earbuds with good bass are best to grab and put it on for best music.

Today, I am listing latest collection of best earbuds under 30 dollars which are also considered as cheap earphones with good bass for people who want to enjoy best music experience in less price.

The list I’ve created about Best Earbuds Under $30, every piece is chosen by many aspects such as bass, music quality, affordability, material quality and all ear buds offer decent sound quality in front of their price.

Have A Look At These Best Earbuds Under 30 (2017) 

We, all are not rich. So, I never prefer to go for a costly product. Because, it is not compulsory, that if want the real quality, then we have to spend a good amount.

Even, according, to my personal experience. If we want the real and genuine quality. Then, we can get at a low price also. Just we ought to search properly in the market and over the internet too.

Somedays, before, one of my good friend, asked me to tell him, about the best earbud bud under 30 dollar. And after a proper search, I told him the best earbud under 30 dollars. And he bought that earbud. And now he told me that, I gave him the genuine product. And today I gonna share that, earbud too.

So, if you are finding the best earbud for you or someone very special for you.

Then your $30 is the solution, and you can buy cheap earbuds for 30 bucks because here we are going to share some of the best earbuds under 30.

Then, after reading this full review about 7 handpicked best earbuds under 30. You can choose the best earbuds for you.

So without wasting your valuable time, let me share a list of handpicked list of Best Earbuds under $30 for people on a tight budget.

However, before I share with you the list of best earbuds, I would like to suggest you some points to keep in mind before buying earbuds.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Earbuds under $30

#1. Brand:

We are always looking for branded things while buying anything online or offline. But as the branded products always set the price on the higher side but why am I talking about branded earbuds?

Because we add earbuds which are listed on Amazon as Amazon prime product. Hence, all earbuds are made in some Chinese factories and re-branded and then sold on

But as I want you to buy best earbuds so I would like to suggest you one thing and that before buying earbuds check reviews and check whether the company has their official website or not.

#2. Type of Earbud:

If you’re looking for Best Earbuds under $30, you will find various variety for various purposes such as for earbuds for the gym, earbuds for running, earbuds for personal use and so on.

So before spending your bucks find out your need and then choose wisely.

#3. Inline Microphone:

I personally don’t like to use earbuds with inline microphones, because I feel weight while using a microphone. And Sometimes I feel slightly heavy on left earplug which is annoying sometimes.

Most people wouldn’t buy the best earbuds under $30 generally, that is why we all should read some guides like (this guide) to get exact information which is provided by the official company of product.

Now, this is what we all should consider while choosing cheap in ear monitors, let me share my handpicked list of Top Best Sound Isolating Headphones under $30.

Earbud Name


Our Ratings



Extra Bass


Check Price

JVC HAFX32V Marshmallow

High Quality


Check Price




Check Price

Panasonic ErgoFit

Crystal Clear Sound


Check Price

MEElectronics AF18

MEElectronics AF18


Check Price

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Crystal Clear Sound with Extra Bass


Check Price


Crystal Clear Sound with Extra Bass


Check Price

Let’s take a look about earbuds under $30

#7.Sony MDRXB50AP

Personally, I always prefer quality over the brand and especially I would like to mention that I am not a fan of brands like Sony, JBL, or Skullcandy.

As we all knows that their products and services are overpriced, and in front of money bracket they ask for… they never provide optimum sound quality. That is why I listed this earbud in the list of best earbuds under 30.

However, there are some products from Tech Giant such as Sony MDR XB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset on our list of Best Earbuds under 30 dollars because in this product SONY provides decent quality which is acceptable for all low budget buyers.

If I need to recommend one of my friend who wants accurate sound earbuds with a soft touch in the ear, then I would like to say ignore this product and move forward and check below products. Just, because I used below’s earbuds before reviewing these earbuds. because I want to share the perfect genuine and real things about every single product.

Well, if you do want to buy cheap, but good quality headphones that give you better sound quality similar then read more about them below

COOLEST IN sonY mdr xb50ap

Sony MDR XB50AP earbuds package comes with 3 extra pair of ear tips with a classy pouch.

You will get an inline microphone with an only single button to Play/Pause or Receive/End calls, but there is no volume increase decrease buttons.

The wires are flat and reliable and most important thing they are tangle free, so now you don’t need to solve a PUZZLE of removing earbud knots every time.

The earplugs are big in size, and have and led design which is good because this shape give extra grip and going deeper into your ears and if you want proper grip then use earplugs according to your whole ear size.

If you like to listen to bass music mostly and heavy genre music, I would definitely recommend you to going with Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset.

As I can assure that they are best earbuds under $30 when it comes to grabbing best in-ear earbuds. GO FOR IT”.

#6.JVC HAFX32V Marshmallow Earbuds

If you are looking for low priced and at the same time value for money and ultimate value (In-Ear) best headphones under 30 dollars, then your destination ends here.

Let me share one more earbud they are under $10 bucks and provide you plenty of things where branded earbuds which also made in China not provide you, this product provide you best quality of sound.
When I choose my earbuds for my personal use as I am a big fan of music, so I try these earbuds as well, and I’m surprised to see that kind of sound quality in this price range.
I can say every school or college student can try these earbuds and buy them now without thinking too much because this price bracket is affordable for anyone even for a student also.

They provide top notch balanced sound in this price range, they allowing you to enjoy all kinds of genres such as Bass, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Rock and every kind of music base.

I do understand that design is not that much cool or funky but they are soft and idol for long term uses.

However, if you want instant good quality earbuds with cheap price bracket… then you should go for it without if or but…. 😀

They are available in different color options in JVC HAFX32V Black, White, Pink, Purple, Green and Blue.  There’s also another versions available of inline microphone for people who want to use earphones for music as well as talk on phone.

If I need to suggest best budget earbuds and as a geek, I always will be there for my friends offline and online. At the same time, you are also my friend and I would like to share some points with you such as price wise. 

They are the cheapest earbud in my list and I feel proud to add this product for my loving readers like you. So for less price and for good quality sound GO FOR IT” because of I can say that it is one of the best earbuds under 30.

#5. Avantree WATERPROOF (Best For GYM & Swimming)


As I already shared many times on this blog that Avantree brand is an idol for music lovers.

Just like Monoprice, Avantee is set their trends with low-cost but reliable audio brand that offers products on cheap price.

This comes with an orthodox design, and it offers dual drivers and one driver who handles low frequencies and bass & other drivers handle other high frequency.

This feature helps both types of users who want low frequency based earbuds and high-frequency earbuds. It comes with 5mm bass driver and 8mm treble driver sitting next to each other.

Because of dual drivers, Avantree D18 has bigger size than other earbuds and might be uncomfortable for people who have small ears.

Best for Runner, Gym Lover, Swimmer, in short, every that person who love some outside activities. They are around ear design, so you don’t need to worry about them that they are falling out during exercises or running.


However, they offer best and excellent sound with an affordable price.

Avantree D18 has an inline microphone with metal housing.

The complete package includes Avantree Waterproof Earbuds along with two pair ear tips and carrying pouch. They are the idol for running, jogging and sports.

“All I can say that Avantree Waterproof is a power packed earbud that has everything you need to enjoy the best music.
That can compete with other in-ear headphones double its price. If you want good quality earbuds which are tough as well as ”.

#4.Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds TCM 125 (Best For Crystal Clear Sound Lovers)

You might be shocked to see Panasonic product in this price range list of Best Earbuds under $30.

This brand doesn’t have the good amount of earphones under Panasonic brand, no doubt this brand has plenty of products under music category.

The headset comes with cheap packaging, and you should not expect anything more than this because they cost less than $15.

Just our 7th picked product SONY MDR XB450AP, the Panasonic RP-HJE125-A Wired Earphones, Bluetooth comes with an angled earplugs which feature 9mm drivers.

This earbud comes with only one button that can be used only to receive/end calls and double tap to play/pause music.

You can expect decent sound from this earbuds under $30 bucks only. Even these earbuds are #1 top selling and Best Sound Isolating Headphones on for a long time and continuous set there number #1 ranking.

They have 4300+ Customer Reviews, and all registered buyers give 4/5 STARS.

“Let me clear some points straight: These are not the best earbuds ever, but as you know Americans never share their reviews until they got something good.
So it’s clear if 4300+ users spent their time to drop their review that means this product has something better than other in this price range and as a geek I found everything good about it under 30 bucks.

So you can GRAB IT without if or but…”

#3.MEElectronics AF18 (Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds For Any Music Lover)

MEElectronics AF18

In my Geeky life, I had played with plenty of headphones, earphones and many other tech related stuff, and I always prefer to add headphones/earphones from MEElectronics brand.

The company always comes with exciting products which give awesome unique & great sound quality earbuds at the very cheaper price, as I am adding best earbuds under $30 bucks so this brand have to add here.

This time MEElectronics successfully provide the best option in wireless and Best Earbuds under 30 dollars. MEElectronics AF18 have a very sleek design that weighing just 3 ounces which is easy to handle for long listening.

Specifications wise this earbud come with Bluetooth 4.1 version along with support for AptX which allows you to enjoy high quality.
For the price for $30 price range, you will get cheap and awesome earbuds that fit well and sound great.


This comes with angled design with ear-fins which helps earbuds to hold your ear perfectly and allowing them to stay perfectly while gyming or running.

To add more productive features company also add microphone module inside earplugs with noise canceling technology.

“If you need earbuds for sporting needs and require the best earbuds under $30 for this… then you just need to click on below button grab them one piece for you instantly.”

#2.Anker Soundbuds Sport (Best Earbuds For Any Sports Person)

If Anker is not a known company for you, then let me share one thing about Anker that, this is a reputed brand in Mobile and Computer Accessories category.

These Bluetooth and basic use Sporty in-ear headphones from the brand are best in class and excellent in quality. Before I share the product details with you, let’s discuss box contains.

If you have checked the contains, then you will see Anker Soundbud Sport comes with the excellent packaging.

Which contains earbuds, two extra pairs of ear stabilizers, micro USB cable, the couple of extra ear-tips, carrying pouch for earbuds for safety purpose and user manual. If you want to know about the design, then you might be fine with that because it comes with the decent look and sporty earbuds should be decent and look sporty.

The design is perfect for day by day uses, and any kind of users can use it easily because they are very lightweight earphones. You won’t even notice any weight during an intense workout.

coolest in anker soundbuds sport

It also comes with good specs such as Bluetooth 4.0 technology along with CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling feature.

And the best spec of Anker Soundbuds Sport is it comes with IPX4 certification which means it is splash proof and sweat resistant as well.

With 8 hrs of battery life with the full charge which is quite good for a user to use it for a whole week. The company lists the specs of Soundbuds Sport offers high-quality sound with great bass music.

And in the compare of other Bluetooth Earbuds in the same price, the quality of the whole product is very good for long term uses. Check out full specifications here.

Anker Soundbuds Sport is excellent Bluetooth earphones that offer great sound quality and the best thing you can grab these earbuds under $30 bucks.

Which is quite acceptable for any sports enthusiast, this is best for all kind of sportsman, a daily jogger, runner, and for the workout. ”

#1.SoundMAGIC ES18 (Best for everyone)

You might be unaware with SoundMAGIC because it is not that much popular as other brands in this list of Best Earbuds under $30 bucks.

Let me share some real points about SoundMAGIC has awesome earbuds under its brand and there are tons of fans of this product, and you can count me too.

I have personally used SoundMAGIC ES18 in my personal collection for over last one year, and it works awesome as it works on the 1st day.

This is most lightest and cheap in ear monitors you will ever find on the market because it only weighs 0.3 ounces.

This product counts in Best sellers Products since very long time in Electronics category on This product is continuously available on Amazon since 2012.

Amazon registered users give 4.5/5 reviews on and this month 100+ customer gives positive reviews for SoundMAGIC ES18.

In this price, the complete package is ideal for any kind of users. Package contains a carrying pouch, earbuds,


Powerful bass with superb musical experience.

Good balance in all kind of music.

Awesome noise isolation near 20dB. Comfortable fit and light weight.

I just want one thing from the company, and that is a shirt clip, but I think very less people want this accessory along with this.
I think the box contains enough for the price of SoundMAGIC ES18. The wires of SoundMAGIC ES18 are rubberised and soft to carry under Tees, shirts, etc.
Earplugs are built with solid plastic but don’t feel durable when you touch them first, but this is not true, earbuds are tough enough to stay with you for a long time, but it also depends on your style of use earbuds.
You will never disappoint if you go with SoundMAGIC, if you eagerly want best earbuds under $30 bucks for you or for any friend, it will be the best gift too.

While listening music you never feel any extra weight on your ears. It has perfect balance in bass and treble. Let me tell you that you can grab them under $20 bucks, so you don’t need to wait for them just try best earbuds for you.

Also, Also Give A Look - Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollars


Hope you guys liked this best collection of best earbuds under 30. And after reading this best review of 7 handpicked best earbuds under 30 now you can choose the best one for you.
And now I am so exited to check your experience with one of the earbuds from this list, and I hope you liked my guide of best earbuds under $30 dollars.
I will choose this product personally for my audience. If you want to check other products.
If you like this guide and have some question regarding any product from this list, then drop your valuable words in the comment section below, and I will solve your query for sure.
Thanks for your valuable time, you spend here. ☺

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